A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Play as a lone man who is being pelted with tomatoes by onlookers as you run for your life from a group of angry bulls. Be sure to avoid the tomatoes cause the redder you are the angrier they get!


"W" or "Up Arrow Key" = Speed Up 
"S" or "Down Arrow Key" = Slow Down
"A" or "Left Arrow Key" = Move Left 
"D" or "Right Arrow Key" = Move Right 

Tools Used: Unity 2017 1.2, Aseprite, Illustrator, Bosca Ceoil 

This is a game I made for Ludum Dare 40 , which was my first game jam for that matter. It was a huge learning experience since I only recently got into game development. But, I've really enjoyed it and wanted to try the jam. 

Even though I made the game by myself, I didn't feel I was ready to tackle Compo. That being said, I loved this experience and had a blast doing it. My only wish is that I got into it earlier! 


BullsandTomatoes.app.zip 21 MB
BullsandTomatoes_Windows.zip 19 MB

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